Hades Cannon (Master Bundle)

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The Epic Bundle from the Hades Family!


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Hades Cannon (Master Bundle)

• The Master Bundle From The Hades Family
• Includes 1 VST (Win/Mac) & 5 Expansions
• Hades Cannon VST, Underworld, War Of Gods, Dark Atlantis, The Kronos, Tartarus
• 300+ Dark Epic Sounds
• Master Of The Underworld!

Product Categories:
•  Hades Cannon (VST)
View : https://hadescannon.com/product/hades-cannon-vst/
•  Underworld (EXP)
View : https://hadescannon.com/product/underworld-hades-cannon-exp/
•  War Of Gods (EXP)
View : https://hadescannon.com/product/war-of-gods-hades-cannon-exp/
•  Dark Atlantis (EXP)
View : https://hadescannon.com/product/dark-atlantis-hades-cannon-exp/
•  The Kronos (EXP)
View : https://hadescannon.com/product/the-kronos-hades-cannon-exp/
•  Tartarus (EXP)
View : https://hadescannon.com/product/tartarus-hades-cannon-exp/

More Info:
• Must Have A Daw To Use The Products
• Includes 1 VST & 5 Expansions
• Total File Size: 19.87 GB (Unarchived)
• Instant Download After Purchase


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